Catatan Singkat tentang Piagam Medinah (Bilingual)


Learning more and more about Islam, I came across a document that deserves spreading, A Short Note on the Medina Charter by Kassim Ahmad. Thus I have provided a translation of the document in Indonesian. Please have a read, and spread it if you feel that this rings truth or for academic purposes. Moreover, should you feel that better wording is needed, please send your inputs to ● Setelah mulai belajar lagi tentang Islam, saya menemukan sebuah dokumen yang layak disebarluaskan, judulnya Catatan Singkat tentang Piagam Medinah oleh Kassim Ahmad. Maka saya sediakan terjemahan dokumen ini dalam bahasa Indonesia. Silakan dibaca, dan sebarkan apabila menurut Anda terkandung kebenaran di dalamnya atau untuk keperluan-keperluan akademis. Selebihnya, untuk masukan mengenai terjemahan atau hal-hal terkait lainnya, silakan layangkan surel ke

(in English) The Medina Charter, written and promulgated by Prophet Muhammad for the multi-religious ten thousand-strong citizens of the city-state of Medina in 622 A.D is truly a remarkable political-constitutional document. The claim made by Professor M. Hamidullah that it was the first written constitution (FN1) in the world is not without basis. Aristotle’s Constitution of Athens (FN2), written on papyrus, discovered by an American missionary in Egypt in 1890 and published in 1891, was not a constitution. It was an account of the constitution of the city-state of Athens. Other legal writings on the conduct of ancient societies have been found, but none can be described as a constitution. The Medina Charter is the first, and in this it preceded the American Constitution of 1787, considered by Western authorities as “a landmark document of the Western world … the oldest written national constitution in operation” (FN3) by more than a thousand years! It also preceded the English feudal bill of rights, the Magna Carter of 1215, by almost six centuries! Continue reading